2nd demo album : The Speed Of Sound In A Blood Orange Sky

by The Speed Of Sound

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You've Got To Move Too Things move fast and you've got to move too No news to me, no news to you Things move fast and you've got to move too Keep up to the minute - in the latest thing You've got to move with it - or fade away You've Got To Move Too Keep up with the leaders - stay out in front Yeah you need a feeling - for the next thing Give up on the New Look - and you'll get passed by Finger on the pulse - you're one step ahead You know where its at - you're no fool Throw away the throwbacks - of the old vogue Put on the creations - of the new set instead You can't stand still - cos its just not cool Tune-in to the clothes show - and you'll do fine Watch for new ideas - not a fashion slave Thumb through the pages - of your magazines Wade through the adverts - in your leisure time Keep on moving - right to the grave There can't be a last word - there's nothing new
English Electric Lightning F6 instrumental (with background radio chatter)
No Kicks 03:34
No Kicks I've had my fill of reading bad books And tapping my fingers while I wait all night I just gaze and gaze at that box of tricks If you're not here I can't get no kicks You treat me bad and you treat me rough You leave me here to do the washing up You go out you're having a real good time You sure aren't acting like a friend of mine It used to be good and it used to be cool You used to love me right and you sure moved me I still get a thrill when I feel your lips But if you're not here I can't get no kicks I'd like to say that my feeling's died But I can't kill it no matter how I try Since you got me in that grip of yours I can't get away I'm stuck on pause I fall asleep to some cowboy film I wake up cold and crawl off to bed Then you phone me in the morning at six If you're not here I can't get no kicks
There's No One There It seems there's nothing that I can depend on I know there's no one I can rely on I can't even try to escape I know I'm trapped and I know I'm alone There's no one there Depression has got a hold over me Nothing I can do to set me free I'm tired of living in confusion But there's no way out and I'm alone There's no one there There's no way out from this abyss There's no escape in this dreamscape There's no release from this quagmire There's no rescue because the fates conspire There's no one there I can't do anything in the state that I'm in It'd help to talk but no one's listening I know I'm slowly losing my mind But I can't stop it I'm on my own There's no one there
Temporary Fault Claustrophobia strikes with my hands in the sink Crushed under the weight of these four kitchen walls Numbed in shock I want to scream But there isn't even enough room to breath I should run I should shout but I can not I can not move Pinned down pressing from all sides at one The horizon closed in and now it is here Right on the edge surrounded by fear Swaying slowly at first I peer over the brink And see nothing to catch me if I fall Close my eyes and try not to slip But something is pulling me into the void I fight it I hold on I don't want to go But expect to slip head-over-heels And spin away out of sight for so long Infinity beckons but the moment has gone I plug in a kettle and boil up a drink I look at the telephone - who can I call? Nervous and shaking but back in control I stare at my coffee until it is cold I sip it I drink it I rinse out the cup Washed and dried and then put away Everything is back in its place Something is different it is not the same Doubt is waiting here inside my head I don't quite feel at home anymore I can't write it off as just one of those things It could be a foretaste of what is to come Maybe it was just a temporary fault But I can't help feeling that something has begun
The Changes 04:42
The Changes I don't know what I'm thinking anymore My mind runs in spirals and crashes on the floor I pick up the pieces and put them away At the back of the draw where no one can see But I can feel the changes creeping over me I don't know where all this is going to I'm just spinning round wearing out both my shoes I try to go forwards but my feet walk back To those places I know where no one can see But I can feel the changes creeping over me Something is changing its altering me I don't feel the same I just feel the change in me I don't know what I'm trying to lose I collect all my things and watch them for clues I sit up in the dark and push at the walls One day they might move but still they can't see But I can feel the changes creeping over me I don't know what I'm looking at now I don't recognise it but feel I should somehow None of this is mine I don't know where it came from Why can't they see? But I can feel the changes creeping over me
Uhrwerk 04:47
Uhrwerk I lose myself in side your world your cold steel finger grind me down I've got no time to stop and think no time at all to call my own We are the pieces in your jigsaw You fit us into shape and you take our minds So that we can't see you've stolen our time If you want to go forwars then go twice as fast You'll need that pace to keep standing still We live the nightmare of your dreams And as I awake the alarm bell screams I look at the clock and the time it says is not my own but yours instead
Sit By The River Fallen leaves float down the river Sweep the past aside The weeping-willow cries discreetly Tears for our lives Grass that sways in lazy sunshine Never asking why Afternoon drifts into evening Through my half-closed eyes The setting sun is slowly sinking in a blood orange sky The shadows reach my fingertips and hover for a while I'm going to sit by the river where the swans glide by I'm going to sit by the river or maybe lie I'm going to sit by the river and close my eyes Darker shades of summer madness Drifting through my mind Filling me with thoughts of sadness And things I can not find Water glides past stepping stones Not holding back the flow The river goddess singing softly To the cooling meadow Watching colours in the sky As visions come and go The clouds slide by as silent watchers Of the play below Resting in the mellow evening of your afterglow A gentle breeze sighs through the trees leaving me alone
Torrey Canyon I ripped a hole in Torrey Canyon And perched her high on rocks The cook on watch saw nothing amiss As the short-cut stove her in Her black blood spilled across the sea Tide and currents pulled Six score thousand tone pulsed free She bled and bled and bled Bombs rained down to break her back But still she would not sink The sea ablaze as her cargo burned The stain still spread and spread Booms broke up they could not contain Contagion flooded on Could chemical sprays save the day? She bled and bled and bled The black tide came on and came ashore Rank stench in company Detergents pumped onto the beach Kill the ground kill the air Rockets. bombs and napalm fell Toxins filled the sky Still she lay at sea held fast She bled and bled and bled I ripped a hole in Torrey Canyon, she bled and bled and bled I ripped a hole in Amoco Cadiz, she bled and bled and bled I ripped a hole in Exxon Valdez, she bled and bled and bled She bled
Intercept 00:45
Intercept instrumental
Throw It Away Have you heard the new one? (They can't last) You don't have to listen to know what I;m going to say You've heard it all before but we're happy that way If I tell you once you've heard it twice Don't bother listening just pay the price Maybe I can get my message through It might be recycled but its sold as new Throw it away Have you heard the new one? (They can't last) Time to get a new one (They just don't last) Dish-washer-video but so out of date Better replace them before its too late If it breaks down just throw it away Its time to get a better one anyway Try and find a purpose for your surplus cash Snap it up use it up its instant trash Throw it away Run run run and chase the tail We've got to use more got to make more too Come on faster faster we want more more more We can keep going for ever like this The things we've got are too good to miss The sky's the limit come on grow grow grow There are other planets if we have to go Throw it away
Overlooked 06:10
Overlooked Dark silhouettes take on featureless form As the sun warms the hour of dawn Popping up like mushrooms around the coast As wave mutely roll in at their feet Standing aloof and apart from it all As the fresh wind gusts in over them The stillness of morning belies and beguiles Just enough to hypnotise They don't exactly tell us lies They just take out a full page and idealize Try to convince us that no risk is posed By squeaky-clean time bombs ticking away Just one just once is all we would need But I know it can't happen here There's no way that it could end in tears As the sun warms the hour of dawn As the waves mutely roll in at their feet As the fresh wind gusts in over them Overlooked Nestling between sea and green England Far in the distance purple mountains stand Serenely in harmony with everything All wrapped up in Elgar's strings Cows graze almost dutiful Because all things - are bright and beautiful With a breath of stale air the door shuts to the green house Rudely awoken from the doze of a dormouse Take one problem and add in some more To do something we couldn't before So all that is done is done in vain Because the temperature rises again


The second album runs to 52'59" and, like its sibling carries twelve original songs.
The lyric booklet is provided as a 12page PDF download with purchase of the album.

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear a merger between Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Lou Reed? Well, wonder no more! The vocals are dark and melancholy – they have an intense quality that makes me stop everything I’m doing and just listen. The music surrounding the words pulls me along like a tide, making me drift away from reality without even feeling that I have an option. The Speed of Sound have a definitive sound for these times."
Music vs The World

".. cool mix of *punk_nastiness* and a touch of *The
Byrds_5th_dimension_LP* (know this one?) .. unusual mix! .." Lord Litter, Radio and web DJ (Berlin)

"This is dynamite! The first release was good but this is plain TERRIFIC. I could name influences but why bother, it’s just enjoyable, creative and well done. Top-notch.” Don Campau, Radio and web DJ (California)

And- Song by Song commentary from listener Mark in Brazil:

You’ve Got To Move Too : Memorable riffs on a 12-string electric guitar. One of the best ones on the CD. Catchy, drum rolls, dominant double tracked vocals even a slight stutter, Who like middle eight.

English Electric Lightning F6 : Great bass line and piercing electric prog guitar, like a combination of Rush but with a bit of John Cale from The Gift.

No Kicks : 1980s Banshees vibe about it.

There’s No One There : Of course the old classic – but changed.

Temporary Fault : Lou Reedian.

The Changes : One of my faves – post-punk influences – Gang of Four?

Uhrwerk : Hendrix! I like weird alarm clock gap in the middle and as always the guitars are interesting.

Sit By The River : Neil Young’s Crazy Horse-style raw guitar parts.

Torrey Canyon : I wasn’t quite born when this happened but good idea for a song.

Intercept : There is nothing in the world like a bit of backwards guitar

Throw It Away : Killing Jokish – one of the highlights of the CD for me.

Overlooked : You are not afraid to let loose your inner rock demon. Awesome last chord!


released April 16, 2012


all rights reserved



The Speed Of Sound UK

"atmospheric alternative rock".
John Armstrong guitar/vocals, AnnMarie Crowley - vocals/percussion, Kevin Roache - bass guitar & John Broadhurst - drums, based in Manchester UK. Unfettered, unchained & independent since 1989.
They frequently play live in Manchester and elsewhere.
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